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Time Flies ...

Having now retired from Gartner in June, 2016, my next chapter has begun. Doing a bit of business and technology consulting with acquaintances of the past 20 years. In addition to individual consulting I am also working with Aragon Research (CEO Jim Lundy) on an as needed basis.

With over 30 years of mobile computing experience, I am excited to entertain companies who can take advantage of my experience in technology markets, not just mobile.

I am not looking to duplicate the work that Gartner does; you already have Gartner as a great resource for such needs. But there are a number of other advisory activities that Gartner chooses not to fulfill and where I am open to helping clients meet those needs.

If you are interested in my assistance, you can contact me either by phone, 650-483-5444 or by email at

I had one of the most interesting jobs I could imagine

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